Monday, 27 October 2008

Wedding Updates

I would like to fill you in on various events that have transpired in the last few weeks in the lead up to Megan and my wedding.  Such as:

- Invitations
- Cake
- Decorations/Colours
- Wedding Party Clothing
- Honeymoon
- Dress

The invitations have been printed. We thought we would do our part to help save the environment and raise awareness so we have opted to use Safeway plastic carrier bags instead of envelops. Plus it is also cheaper, so look for yours in the mail and don't throw it away accidentally thinking that it is garbage.

Because Megan and myself are not the worlds best gamers but we are in the top three. We decided to bring that element to our wedding.  The cake will be somewhat like this but this picture was taking several years ago and as a result it needs to be updated.  Our cake will have a Wii and we are thinking working Guitar Hero into the format as well.

All of the things we have updated you on have all been . . . ummm . . . unorthodox.  We decided that we should do something a little more down to earth for the wedding party.  The animal antler theme was just what we are looking for.


Burnt Muffins, Cornflower Blue, Sangria, Engelbert, Cucumber, Hazelnut, Cyan, Juniper, Sienna, Lilac, Tomato, and Slate.  That is just to name a few of our wedding colors.  I don't want to list them all because that would ruin the surprise.  Just know that the wedding will be a classy, contemporary, modern, yet traditional, up-and-coming, with a rustic flair. It will be Oriental and Grecian, because you can't have one without the other.  Also there will be elements from our favorite periods, Medieval, the Golden Fifties, and the late Eighties kind of early Nineties, the whole side pony-tails thing.

We hear that Siberia is all the rage and in the top 5 hottest places to visit. It is also beautiful at this time of year so after the wedding we are flying out to Nazyvaesvsk!  Exciting times!  The resort is a quaint little place.  The honeymoon suite comes a cord of wood precut for the fire.  I am so excited.

And now comes the single most important material thing of the wedding!

Megan's Dress!

Beautiful isn't it. There will have to be a few alterations.  Mainly removing the back and using double sided tape to keep it on her body.

There are lots of exciting things happening.  we are super excited.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Engagment Photos

The wedding is only 50 days away so the crunch is beginning to be felt by Megan and myself. We have needed to move fast like a Peregrine falcon dive bombing for a swallow. So we have had to cut out various time wasting measures in the wedding preparation.

One such measure is the many sittings and attempts at getting that perfect wedding invitation picture. Because we could not afford to pay for a photography we gave a camera to an old lady that was feeding the m
agpies in the park. We then asked Mildred, that was the elderly lady's name, to close her eyes and count to ten. What was the purpose for that? Well quite simple really. We wanted a candid photo of us so we decided that picture taking hid-and-go-seek would be the best way to get the candid, happy, fun, look we were hoping for.

We hid and Mildred found us with this priceless pic. She even impressed us with getting the ring in the photo.

So look for this colorful picture in the mail or hand delivered because it is Canada Post we are dealing with. They say it will get there from anywhere between three to forty seven days. Those are working days as well.

Just as a side note if anyone knows of a Mildred who feeds the magpies on Wednesdays please let us know. We did not get here address, she would not give it to us. We want to send her an invitation. Thanks.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Proposal

If you have heard let me tell you again. If you have not heard then let me tell you. I am engaged!

What you say next is congratulations! Then you might ask a question that goes something like how did you ask, or what did you do to propose. Well let me tell you in pictures. If I could I would tell you through lyrical dance but I can't as this is a computer.

There is that old adage that say that a picture says a thousand words. So I just said six thousand.