Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Spencer's Hair

So I know this is a crazy post but I can't get over this kids hair. I thought my other kids had a lot of crazy hair but Spencer has the best I think. He had a lot when he was born but then it started to fall out and he ended up looking like a balding old man so I did what I swore I would never do and I shaved his head! And this is what it has grown back too.

A day old here!

First Bath at home, quite a bit of hair!

Few days old!

Starting to think out a bit :)

Defiantly starting to look a little old manish!

Ha ha ha... he really did look like a monkeyish old man!!

Time to do SOMETHING!!

Day after his shave :) He was super bald. I have never had a kid have such little hair, it sort of freaked us out a bit!

Starting to grow back a little bit.

Looking a little more like the Spencer we knew :)

Lots back and SO FLUFFY!

Blowing in the wind!!!

Man he is cute!! Well I know I biased but with or without hair I think he is pretty cute!

Finally last night getting ready for bed!! Look at all that hair, it kills me! It is super fluffy still but we just love him with whatever kind of hair he has :)

Monday, 9 September 2013


We were able to spend most of our summer out in Penticton at my parents! It is beautiful and the weather is AMAZING, and there can be nothing better then spending a hot day at the beach water skiing, and boating and just relaxing in the sun! We came back to move into our new house!!! Yes we are home owners now and loving it (a post will follow about all of that excitement) and then it was back out to Penticton. Jeff was able to fly out on his days off so it was nice to have him come too :)

JR loving the beach!

Although Ben doesn't look happy here, he LOVED grandpas boat and loved sitting on grandpas lap and being the captain of the boat!

Spending time with his favorite cousin (no offense to any of the other cousins... he just probably sees Walker more then anyone else :)

Spencer loving the water and sand, and wearing a toy for a sun shade :)

JR loved the water and loved riding on the jet skiis!!!

What a cute kid this one is... he was so good and just sat around and watched everyone and of course ate his fair share of sand!!!

Always being sneaky and trying to spray mom!!

At the end of the day these three always loved Grandmas big tub!!!

Finally got a picture with all three of them looking at me :)

JR just loves his big brother and follows him everywhere he went! They were always going outside looking for grandpa mark and grandma baker!!

No summer is complete without a lot of ice cream!! We ate our fair share of it... this was after the had been mostly cleaned off... I wish I would of gotten a picture before the cleaning of the faces started!

How we love and miss Grandpa Mark!!!

Spent lots of time at parks as well... 

We also had a ton of wiener roasts outside the house! The boys loved these... especially the S'mores after :)

HA HA HA... Ben will hate me when he grows up but this just makes me laugh... Living on top of a mountain has its perks... you get to pee outside!!! Ben thought it was great... mom not so much.... I am now trying to explain that we can't pee in our yard or any of our neighbors just at grandma and grandpas :)

Lots of stories with Grandma Baker, we sure love her and miss her lots too!!

These next pictures are at a petting zoo we went to, I really wish they gave the day justice. I didn't realize how much my kids haven't been around animals and how they are super nervous! It started out great... but then we went to the goat pen and they are jumpy!!! It was quite hillarious to watch the boys excited and then the next minute terrified!!!

We have way more pictures but didn't want to go over board! We had a wonderful summer and can't wait to head back soon!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Baker for letting us come and spend so much time with you!!