Sunday, 12 June 2011


Man, I wish we were better bloggers!! It has been quite awhile since we have blogged, and lots has happened!! So instead of writing it all out I'm just going to put up pics ( we all know we like looking at blogs with pictures instead of just writing)

Getting ready to head out to the park!!

Ben likes to hide from us.. sometimes we just have to look up!!

Ben napping with Grandpa Baker

Grandma and Grandpa Baker getting ready to get on the airplane to leave for their mission in Nigeria!!

Saying good-bye to grandma and grandpa... we are sure going to miss them but they are great missionaries so it is worth it!!

Just a cute kid in his carseat... love that he is forward facing now!!

Ben loves getting into things, you would think since we don't live in a big house we could keep these moments to a minimum, but he finds ways and time to get into trouble without us knowing :)

He was thinking it was pretty funny!

How can you get mad at this little guy??

Although we have to or he will be running wild, and this is the face we get when we get mad and say no!! I try so hard not to smile and laugh but I can't help it!

Getting ready to go get his year shots!! I was a little behind so he was actually 14 months, he weighed in at 23.2 lbs and is 77 cm in height and has a head size of 49 cm!! SO in about the 43 percentile for weight, 55th for height and about the 98 percentile for his head!! Does that mean he is going to have brains and be super smart!! We hope so :)

At the Brooks parade with his cousins!!

More parade!!!

With cousin Zack at the Brooks rodeo too... he loved running around and looking at all the horses!

Trying to get a good look at the rodeo except the cousins picked the spot... so Ben gets to stare at the back of a poster :) :)

Of course it isn't a rodeo without snacks... Auntie J Star makes the BEST cookies!!!

Looking up at mom hoping he gets another cookie!! Even with those beautiful big eyes, I said NO!!

I wasn't watching Ben closely enough and all of a sudden I heard thud thud thud thud... the little man took a tumble down these stairs from top to bottom. Good thing Auntie J Star was at the bottom to scoop Ben up to make sure nothing was broken and I was running down the stairs thinking I was going to see the worse!

I was lucky that he didn't hurt himself more, just a little cut to the eyelid, he still looks like he loves me though.... right??

Wishing Grandma Baker a happy birthday!!! Wish we could be there, but Nigeria is a little bit too far... but we are thinking about you and hoping you know how much we love you!!!

So there you have it, the last month or so of what has been going on in our lives!! We are getting excited for this next one to come and hoping he (or her) is as cute as Ben is!!