Monday, 28 January 2013


Well as some of you may have noticed we have been off the planet for quite awhile!!! But... we are back and ready to PARTY (or blog)!!!!

So what have these Salmons been up to for the past nine months or so... well here we go!!!

1. Bought a home in SW Calgary and while we waited for it to built... moved in with David and Linda. Thanks for letting us come and invade your house. The boys sure loved being there!!!

2. Jeff went into work at the radio station one day and was pulled in and told that they were restructuring and there was no longer a position there for him!! Oh the life of radio... sort of put us (ok more me) into a tailspin, but it has all worked out in the end and was a good thing for our family!

3. Jeff found a great job at Alpha house in Calgary. Alpha house is a homeless shelter/detox center and Jeff loved working there and I loved hearing all the crazy stories!!!

4. We found out we were pregnant again.... if Jeff losing his job put me into a tailspin you can only imagine what this news did for me! I didn't believe it and peed on ALOT of sticks to make me believe. I think I cried for about 2 weeks!

5. I went back to work to try and get my mandated hours in so I could go on maternity leave again!

6. My parents came back from their mission!!!! LOVED THIS... and seeing them and spending time with them just made me feel better about life!

7. Jeff got hired with EDMONTON POLICE SERVICES!!! YAY... we were so excited and ready for our new adventure... we just had to work out the details.

8. Jeff started in Edmonton beginning of November, so we rented a place in Edmonton and moved all our stuff up here and lived apart during the week as I needed to stay in Calgary and continue working so I could get my hours in. I can probably say this was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I don't know how single parents do it. It was overwhelming and I felt like I failed miserably in all aspects of life... I felt like a horrible mom having to take my kids to babysitters so I could work. I hated working which didn't make it any easier. I could go on forever and explain how hard it was but I won't because we made it through, my kids are ok and it is in the past now!!

9. We got out of the contract with our home in Calgary which was such an answer to our prayers!!!

10. We went to my parents for Christmas and had a great time!! My doctors advised against me going as at the end of this pregnancy my blood pressure was going through the roof and was sent a bunch of times to the hospital to get checked out. The talked about inducing me many times but whenever I got to the hospital and laid there for awhile my blood pressure always went down. (It is amazing what being by yourself laying on a hospital bed without kids can do for your blood pressure :) But I decided to go to Penticton anyways and was glad I did! Jeff flew out Christmas Eve and then headed back on the 27th so he wasn't there long but we had fun with him!! It was great to be home with everyone for Christmas!

11. On Monday the 7th at about 530 in the evening I started having some contractions... it was so different from the other two labors that I was a little confused about it. I didn't know if they were really contractions or what. I know that must sound so stupid with this being my third child but I was expecting it to go like my other two (water breaking, no contractions, having to be induced and lab or coming hard and fast all at once and then it taking quite awhile to actually have the baby) This time it was different and I wasn't sure what was going on. Jeff called after his day at work to ask how I was doing, I told him I thought I was having some contractions but wasn't sure. We discussed for awhile if he should start heading down to Calgary. I struggled with that because of course I wanted him there but I know how important his training is and didn't want him to miss some if I wasn't really in labor. I called my mom to see what she thought and she said I needed to get to the hospital cause she could hear in my voice I was in labor. (SMART MOM) So I called Jeff back and told him to start heading down, I was going to go into the hospital and see and if they told me I wasn't in labor he could turn around and go home! Well I got to the hospital just before 8pm, and I was 4 cm dilated so they admitted me!! Well Jeff got there at 10pm and little Spencer was born at 1106pm!!! I am so glad he made it!!!! So that was the most exciting thing... WE WERE SO EXCITED TO WELCOME ANOTHER LITTLE BOY INTO OUR FAMILY!!!! I know lots of people were hoping we would have a girl but girls honestly scare me and I was so relieved when they told me it was a boy!!!!

12. And NOW.... we are living ALL TOGETHER here in Edmonton and our loving it! I am still really trying to adjust to having 3 under 3 and there are days I don't know if I will make it but somehow we all survive!!

So there you have it... I am sure a bunch more happened but those are the highlights!!! And now here are some pictures to go along with all of that!!!

We had some family pictures taken back in the spring. My cousin Mandy did an Amazing job and hopefully we can get her to do some more soon!!!

Handsome Dad and Ben!!!

Dad and J.R.

Love my little family!!!

I still think of Ben as my baby but he isn't anymore!!! He is potty trained (thanks mom) and is such a good help with his brothers!!!

Best of Friends... can't wait for Spencer to get in there too!!!

Spencer and me!!!

Cannot get enough of this little guy!! He is such a joy to be around (for the most part).

Christmas morning... not to sure about it all!!

Ben still trying to wake up!!

Didn't take Ben long to get into the swing of things!

J.R. loving his new horse!

Spent lots of time outside playing!!

Love this... Jeff has a hard time keeping his eyes open :)

Welcome Spencer Dale... we LOVE you!!!

Proud Dad and his new son!!

He was our smallest baby and I had nothing that fit him as I was expecting a ten pounder!!!

Mommy and Spencer getting ready to leave the hospital!

Let's go home!!

Grandma Baker holding her two youngest grandsons.. Wyatt and Spencer!!... I couldn't have survived those first couple of weeks without her!!! Love you mom!! 

Not sure how they feel about this new one yet!


Loving him!

Deciding Spencer is alright :) Love these three!!!!

Just relaxing!

Visiting Great Grandma Salmon!!!

And Great Grandpa Salmon!!

Loving Bath Time!!!

So relaxing... or he might just be annoyed at me!!!

Bath time for these two crazies!!!

Loving the glow sticks... again Thanks Grandma Baker!!

Grandma and Grandpa Baker!! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!

Grandpa Baker and his fish!!! It was a good day :) At least Spencer was calm!!!

Neither of them look very happy!!! :) This picture just makes me laugh!!

Bright eyed!!! We love you Spencer!!!

Well I think we are about caught up... hopefully we will blog again soon!!! Thanks to everyone for their love and support through the last nine or so months... it was a challenge but we are still here to talk about it!! We know we are so blessed and just hope to raise these boys the best we know how but it sure makes it easier knowing we have great families to help us!!! We love you all!!!