Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Well again it has been a VERY long time since we blogged last and a LOT has happened!!! The most important would be this little boy joined our family!!


We just love this little one and he fits right in with our crazy family!!

The end of the pregnancy was a little rough as he was transverse, so he was laying across my belly instead of up and down. It made it pretty painful every time he moved and I kept praying he would go head down but he had other plans. My doctor decided it was best that we do a C-section. I was so upset over this and was scared to death as I have never had major surgery before and you only hear horror stories about C-sections, and to be honest a part of me was SO angry... because you would think after three babied I (or my body) would know how to do it! Anyways, I was scheduled to head to the hospital for the C-section on November 25. I had wrapped my head around the whole c-section and was happy it worked out so that he wasn't born on my birthday or our anniversary and I would be able to attend Ben's first primary presentation on the 23! Again this little guy had a different plan. I got up Saturday morning and started cleaning my house. I was scrubbing the bathroom and my water broke! Long story short we went into the hospital, they checked and he was still transverse so we still did the c-section just a couple of days early! Although it was sort of terrifying, it was sort of a neat and different experience then I had ever had. I only thought I was dying once and was scared out of my mind especially because Jeff was not in the room yet. All worked out and this little guy entered our lives. It was funny because I heard the doctor say I have a foot out, and because we didn't know what we were having I was excited to find out so when she said that I asked... what is it? She laughed and said well I just have a foot and both boys and girls have feet! I was well taken care of and was glad Jeff was by my side. The recovery was great actually. I felt really good and thought maybe I should have done all my babies this way :) We had lots of help from family and our ward was so good with bringing meals and making sure we were ok. 

He is an AMAZING little guy... sleeping 6 or 7 hours a night for the most part. He is starting to smile and we just can't get enough of him! Like all my other boys he has a TON of hair!! It is actually quite amazing and I am just waiting for it to fall out of for him to get a bald spot but nothing yet... just a ton of hair.

He is just over two months now and we couldn't love him anymore!! And his brothers LOVE him... sometimes a little TOO much!!

Here are a bunch of pictures of our little guy!