Tuesday, 18 January 2011


This is why we love this guy!! He keeps us entertained!!

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Well, I know it is the middle of January but I am finally getting around to updating our blog from Christmas! I sometimes wonder at the end of the day what I did all day long, but then I remember that I have a nine month old that is CLINGY!!!!!!!!!! He wants to be held all the time (which he never used to do) The thing is when I am holding him he is just fighting to get away so I put him down and as soon as I do, he screams and wants to be picked up! I don't know what to do but HE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!! Good thing I love him so much though :) Yesterday when Jeff got home from work I told him that Ben was his child for the evening!! It made me laugh because he was watching Ben and holding him then putting him down all while trying to get a few things done, finally he says to Ben, "I don't know how your mom gets anything done with you all day!" It made me smile knowing what I go through all day :) I LOVE JEFF AND BEN!!!!!!!

So Christmas.... we went out to my parents in Penticton and had a great time! Ben did really good driving and the roads were clear for the most part so we were happy. We loved spending time with my whole family minus Tyson but talked to him alot through skype!!! It was nice to just relax and have fun!

Christmas Eve, we went up to a tobaganing hill up past the house and set up some lights and went tubing, it was great, Ben even went down the hill with his dad!!

I loved seeing Ben is his snowsuit, he is so cute and we all thought it was rather funny that he couldn't move at all in it!


The three of us just chillin at the hill!!!

Christmas Eve we also put on the nativity with everyone that had come up to the house. Ben got to play baby Jesus but wasn't too sure about it! He spend most of the time crying or crawling away and Mary trying to get her baby back. Needless to say, it was pretty funny and probably not the most spiritual Nativity ever!

It is also a tradition that there is a fish pond on Christmas Eve, Ben was so EXCITED for his first fishing experience as you can tell by his face. Good thing he has a dad to teach him how :)

He was pretty excited about what he caught... a new book all about frogs! Good work Ben and Daddy!

We then got everyone tucked into bed and that is when the fun started for Jeff. I have to say in the two years that we have been married, Jeff has never thrown up! That all came to a end on Christmas Eve. I can honestlty say too that if I had heard him throw up before we got married I really don't know if I would have married him!!! For those of you that know me, I can pretty much handle anything except someone puking! Poor Jeff didn't have a very nice wife to take care of him. The whole house shook from the sounds of him, I honestly thought he was dying. He said he wasn't feeling well before that but that he shouldn't of eaten all that he did that night!! REALLY?? GOOD LESSON TO LEARN!!!

Anyways we made it through the night, he didn't die and I survived as well :) Christmas comes early in the Baker household... six oclock we were up (we had to wake Ben up) and everyone headed down for the fun. We took a picture of us all in our matching pajamas that the Elves brought the night before (also a tradition THAT I LOVE!!!)

Here is Ben opening his stocking... he wasn't sure about it all but he warmed up to it. It wasn't cold in the house he got that toque in his stocking... just in case anyone was wondering!!

He felt better once he got his orange and took mommies too!!

My brother Tyson who couldn't come home because he is on a cruiseship sent us all some great presents... probably the favorite of all was the SNUGGIES he bought for his brothers and brother-in-laws!! AMAZING!!!!!!

Of course Christmas is not Christmas without all the treats... well I have no realized why Auntie J Star (her preferred name) is Ben's favorite aunt! A cookie in both hands and getting a chocolate!!!! She always said she couldn't wait till I had kids to pay me back for all the treats I gave her kids!!!

After all the excitement of the day this little boy was DIRTY... so he got to have a bath in Grandma and Grandpas big tub!! He loved it... we set up a couple of the bath toys he got too which he loved!!!

After getting all clean, he passed out! He was so tired from the day and all of the excitment!!! So peaceful and just like his mom and dad... sleeping with his mouth wide open!

On New Years day a big event happened in my life.... I jokingly said to my nephews that if they would do the polar bear dip I would too obviously not thinking they would do it! Well, I should never think they won't do something!! Two of them wanted to do it so guess who got to do it with them!!! Let me just tell you if you ever thought of doing a polar bear dip, take it from me.... YOU ARE CRAZY!!

Here we are all (me, Zack and Levi) all bundled up ready to go! I am thinking to myself... well I won't write what I was thinking!!

All lined up ready to go!

Running down to dive into the FREEZING WATER!!!!

IT WAS FREAKING COLD!!! Running up to get our towels and blankets!

I can now say that I have done it, but what in the world was I thinking??? I couldn't believe how cold it was. I don't know why it shocked me so much that it was so cold... it is the middle of winter... of course it is FREEZING!!

Ben watching his crazy mom do this crazy thing. He has a snotty nose and it was frozen... so just know how cold it was!!!

The Salmons came out for New Years as well which was fun! We went curling ( another tradition we have during the Christmas break). None of us are good at it but we just think it is fun! I can say that this year there were no injuries, so maybe we are improving a little bit!

So... it was a WONDERFUL Christmas and New Years, a first for our little family!!! It was great and we are so grateful for what the Christmas season is all about!

I just have to put this picture in because I think it is so funny. One night I could't find Jeff, after searching the whole house and nobody seeing him I went to talk to my dad and see if he knew where Jeff was. I walk in and this is what I find!!! HA HA HA.... I LOVE IT!!!

It was sad to leave especially knowing that my parents will be leaving soon to go on their mission. It was great to have one more last hang out with everyone for awhile!! The ride home was rougher then on the way out... Ben was tired of being in the car and as you can see was SO READY to get out of the van!!!