Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn Fun

One can tell that Autumn has started by looking for one of the tell tale signs, leaves falling.  And falling leaves bring the exciting activity of leaf pile jumping. 

And what fun it is.  Especially when Dad rakes all of the leaves in front of the slide.  You of course are invincible when sliding down a slide into a pile of leaves.  The sliding can now be done with reckless abandoned.  Wind meet caution!

But the most exciting thing about piles of leaves in Autumn is finding ridiculous amounts of Ladybugs hibernating as the weather gets colder.  The boys loves to catch them.  You just have to make sure to not stress them out so they ooze there yellow blood on to you.

There is lots to do outside and we have to enjoy these last few days while it is still warm enough to be outside.  But there is always plenty for us to have fun with inside.

Ben made this tower that was bigger then him it is pretty neat with the marbles cascading down.  We only got a few tries before we moved on to a new game.