Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Our little man is 8 weeks today. WOW!!!! He is growing so fast. Last week, we went to our doctors appointment and Benjamin is 11 lbs 14 oz!! He is in the 75 percentile for his weight and height, so doing great!!! We love being parents and though we are lacking in sleep we love it. Ben is the best and we are so lucky to have him!

We also gave him his first haircut!! Just a trim around the edges. We decided after that maybe we should have cut it while he was sleeping. It was a little tricky, but no blood was drawn so we figured it was successful!!!


Monday, 17 May 2010

Mothers Day Gift... a Little Late

I blame it on the Canadian postal service.  When you post something in Canada the post doesn't get to the desired location for quite some time.  Canada Post is a little silly.  Just ask my Father-In-Law about Canada Post.  He has a number of stories about the postal service.  Posting is a good way to get your post to people that want post but posting with Canada Post is a bad way to post if you want your post to arrive at a decent time for post to arrive.

I am sure you are confused by the excessive use of the word "post" in the above paragraph. I refer to mail as post because of my time that I spent in England and Megan hates it.  I love her and I just like to bug her.  How very junoir highish of me.

At any rate the package I ordered did not make it to us until Friday, thats five days late of Mothering Sunday.  Not smooth.  But the awesomeness of the gift, I hope, made up for the oversight of ordering late a bad mailing system.

Don't take my word for it take a look for yourself.

What is it you might ask?  Well it is a Uterus. This was Megan's first Mother's Day and you need to put your uterus to work to be a mommy.  And aslo this womb is soft and Megan's was soft for a while after the birth.  All is good now, but with this Adult Toy we will forever remember Benjamin's birth. Because we might forget it otherwise. ;)

When Ben is a little older and he is going through a difficult time we might visit 'I Heart Guts' again for some teaching aids.

On a more serious note and in the spirit of Mother's Day.  Megan is the most amazing mother.  I love you.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


So here it is.. we said we were going to do better blogging but we obviously have not since it has been over a month since our little man was born and there have been no posts. We will try to do better... we have just been so busy! I say that and then I think... what have I been busy doing. There are days when I go to bed just exhausted and wonder.. what did I do today? My house is still a mess, the laundry didn't get done and I was lucky to get some sort of food on the table! All I know is that being a mom in all time consuming. It makes me appreciate my own mom and those other women in my life who work non stop to care for their families! I love being a mom and still think it is so weird that I am the mom and not the aunt!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

So... our little man Benjamin Mark came into the world on March 30 at 10:32 am. My water broke the evening of the 28... so it was a long process for him to get here but I will spare everyone the details and just say that I was sure glad when he finally arrived!!  It was a really amazing experience (for the most part) and I was so lucky to have Jeff there with me through it all. He was so kind and loving and concerned. He was so patient because I would want something, for example a cool cloth on my forehead so he would get it and help me and then all of a sudden I wouldn't want it and would get angry that it was there. He just didn't know what I was going to do from one minute to the next!! He was just wonderful through it all. I think one of my favorite memories was after Benjamin was born they took him over to the side to check him all out, Jeff just didn't know where to be... he kept running back and forth between us both. He was worried about me but worried about Benjamin too. It was so cute and sort of funny to watch him. I asked him after and he just said... "I didn't know what to do or who to be with because there are now two people I need to be with!" He is such a great man, a wonderful husband, and the best dad EVER!!

Like I said before I love being a mom... and can't believe that he is a month old already. He has changed so much and is growing like a weed. He was 8.5 lbs when he was born, he dropped to 8lbs 2 oz, then got up to 9lbs and a week later he was 9lbs 12oz... I couldn't believe it. The doctor was impressed!! That was a couple of weeks ago that he was weighed so I am sure he is well passed 10... maybe 11 by now!! He is just wonderful and Jeff and I just love being with him and staring at him. I just look at him in awe sometime and wonder what he is thinking or dreaming about! I have found that some of the most special moments for me are when he is fussy I wrap him up nice and tight and sing hymns to him. It is amazing for me to see him calm done right away and just stare at me. It is great and although he may just calm down because he knows that my horrible singing will stop soon if he does, I still love those small moments!

So here are a few ( okay a lot) of pictures of him. We take so many it is crazy!! He is AMAZING.. and we think pretty darn cute too!!

I just had to put this picture up here... sorry if it grosses anyone out. This is Benjamin just freshly out... but look at the head on top of his head!! I still can't look at this without being a little freaked out!! Don't worry it has gone back down to normal but WOW... that is what happens when you are crowning for an hour and a half!!!! 

Just a precious little guy... just hanging out taking in all his new surroundings!

He just looks so peaceful when he sleeps. He has a ton of hair so we decided to do it like daddy's... now it just goes that way all the time!! I can't decide who he looks like... mommy or daddy? Depending on who you talk to it changes all the time... and if you are talking to Grandma Salmon.. I think it depends on who she has in her mind at the time... cause it has changed quite a bit :) LOVE YA MOM!!

I don't know why but I think babies are so cute when they yawn!! I also love this picture cause it shows he MASSIVE hands. He has huge hands and feet... I am pretty sure he is going to be taller then his mom when he is eight!!! :)

He is just so freaking cute!!!

My two favorite people... man I just can't get enough of these two. I love them both SOOO much!!!!

I love that is looks like he is laughing... I like to think that he is.. although I know that it is probably just gas!! LOVE HIM!!!!

These were all of the babies born in our "Birth and Babies" class. I think it is so funny.. because Benjamin is the second to youngest but he is defiantly the biggest! I know I have said it before but he is the cutest as well!!!!

Another yawning picture... but I just think he is adorable!! He was just chillin with Grandpa Baker.. I guess he is a boring guy to hang with!! 

Here is me and my son just a few days after coming home. He is so tiny when I look back to this picture cause he is alot bigger now. It is amazing how fast they change!!