Friday, 10 December 2010


We have been talking for the last month how much we need to blog, but neither of us got around to doing it. So... Ben is sleeping for a few moments so I thought I would jump on the computer quickly and tell you what an AMAZING little boy we have.

I cannot believe he will be nine months at the end of this month... where has the time gone. I never thought I would love someone as much as I love my little man. He keeps me entertained all day long and we have some great parties when dad gets home from work!

The biggest thing since we posted last is that he is CRAWLING. I thought it would be great for him to start crawling but now that he has I am regretting every wishing that :) He gets into EVERYTHING!!! He started shuffling around and doing the inch worm about a month ago, but he is full on crawling now and it is so funny to watch, and watch is what I have to do. The other day he was just sitting in the front room playing with some toys... I ran into the kitchen for probably two minutes, come back out... I CAN'T find Benjamin. After having a bit of a panic attack (I don't know why I am so crazy) I hear this little grunt. I look UNDER the Christmas tree and there he is just hanging out eating the pine needles!! I laughed and pulled him out. Another time, I was in the room and he was just crawling around... he got around the couch where I couldn't see him but I could hear so thought he was fine... after a minute or so... he becomes very quiet! Well I go and peek over the couch only to see him eating an orange. Jeff had left an orange and it had fallen down so I didn't see it. Ben had biten right through it and had orange gunk all over him!!! Even though he was a mess he was still SO cute.

Lots has happened with us these last couple of months, Jeff had a birthday!!! I had a birthday and it was our anniversary!!! We are so blessed with our little family and we are grateful every day! We are excited for Christmas and to watch Ben enjoy his first Christmas although I am sure he doesn't really get it!!! It will still be fun for us!

Here are some pics of the last couple of months!!!


Hopefully we will post before Christmas again... but if not... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We love you all.