Monday, 4 November 2013


As many of you know Jeff was hired by the Edmonton Police Service about a year ago. He was in training for about six months in the classroom, then they had a badge ceremony and then were put out on the street with a PTO (Patrol Training Officer) for about five months then they went back into the classroom for a month. Well it all ended this last weekend when HE GRADUATED!! It was such a great weekend for Jeff and we are so proud of him. I don't think I really realized how much and how hard he worked until this weekend. Don't get me wrong I knew it was hard and I saw him at the end of each night overwhelmed by all he had to do and get done and also the stress of it all. Over the weekend though I was able to see a video put together of all of the training and it really was amazing! It is no small task to complete the training (especially here in Edmonton as they have one of the best but hardest trainings in Canada). 

Jeff - we love you and are so proud of you!!!

Here is the Chief of Police inspecting Jeff

Edmonton mayor inspecting Jeff and trying to get him to laugh

Constable Salmon :)

RTC 126

Where is Jeff?

Trying to get a picture with everyone looking is really just not possible!

 Love this man!! ( Even though he rarely has his eyes open for pictures)

Glad to have Jeff's parents here for the weekend!

Glad my parents could come and support us as well.

Handsome in his Dress uniform (which he had more fittings for then I did for my wedding dress)

Our little happy family! We are SO proud of Jeff!

And although I made fun of Jeff every night he would come home and say they practiced their marching all day and some people just couldn't get it, I just didn't understand how marching could be so hard. It was fun to watch them though and maybe I am bias I think Jeff was the best marcher there :)

CONGRATS JEFF!!! You are Amazing in all aspects of life and we are SO proud of you!!! LOVE YOU!!