Wednesday, 31 March 2010


BORN : MARCH 30, 2010
LENGTH: 22 1/2 IN


Like father like son.

Friday, 26 March 2010


Well as you can tell from the picture.... I still have not had this baby!!! I feel huge and "ready to pop" I know I can't be disappointed because I am not due for another 4 days but I am not going to lie... I thought I would have had it by now!! I have contractions and they get to be pretty regular... well regular enough to start getting me excited thinking this is really it but then they disappear for hours at a time.

I went to my doctors again yesterday and everything is fine, although my blood pressure is starting to rise so they are going to be keeping an eye on this. It has sort of stressed me out which is probably not the best thing as that will just continue to make my blood pressure rise. They say it is normal at the end of pregnancy for women's blood pressure to rise so I am trying to not be too stressed. We shall see what happens. I have to go back to the clinic on Monday to be checked again. I am progressing... at least that is what they tell me... for some this may be TMI... but when she checked me yesterday I was 70% effaced and 2 cm dialated. That didn't make me super excited because the week before I was 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated... so it took me a whole week to go up one cm... at this rate I won't be having this baby until May!!! She said the head has moved back up a bit but is still slowly making its way down. She said she was hopeful it would be soon but couldn't promise anything. So again... I think I have my hopes up it will be soon but I am sure it won't!!

She then started talking about how they won't let me be pregnant forever.... REALLY??? I was concerned!! She said they would only let me go about 10 days past my due date and then they would induce!!!!!! 10 DAYS!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? That is like another two weeks. I honestly don't know if I can handle that. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining about pregnancy because I have had a wonderful pregnancy and a very "easy" one compared to others and for that I am very grateful... but to all those women who have been pregnant you know how uncomfortable EVERYTHING is. I don't know if it is just me but I am also getting crazy emotional about everything. My poor husband... doesn't know when he walks through the door what he is going to see... a crazy lady running around trying to get everything done or a crazy lady just sitting on the couch crying or a crazy lady that is ready to snap at everything he says or does!!! I have to say though that I married the right guy because he loves me no matter what and in a weird way I feel like this "craziness" has made us closer and I know that I love him way more today then I did the day I married him (which was alot) So I just want to say... I love you Jeff and hopefully soon we will have a little baby in our family!!!

Well... that was a really long update so sorry!! We will keep you posted!!!

Monday, 22 March 2010

kEePiNg BuSy

Well.... I realized the other day when I bought some milk that the expiry date is after this baby is suppose to come!!! I'm not going to lie, I had a bit of a panic attack because as much as I think I am ready for this baby to come and to have a little relief from the constant pressure on my bladder, the braxton-hicks, and all the other lovely things that pregnancy brings, being uncomfortable 99% of the time, it freaked me out knowing that our baby could be here before that milk goes bad!! Weird I know... but we are both excited and scared for this little one to come!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it is soon.

In the mean time though I have kept myself busy here at home and Jeff has been a huge help. In the last couple of weeks this is what we have accomplished. I don't know if it is the pregnancy or what but I get these ideas in my head of things we need to do all of a sudden and they are stuck there until they get done. Jeff is so patient with me and although we bit off more then we could chew, we finally got everything done and now are just waiting.

First.... our kitchen here in our apartment is so tiny and it was just plain white and I don't know why but I hated it. I hate everything being white (sorry to those that love it) so I had the brilliant idea (well I thought so) to paint the kitchen cabinets to brighten up the place a little bit. Jeff was hesitant because he has probably painted cabinets before and knows the work that is involved in it... well there was nothing he could do to change my mind and I wasn't going to be happy until it was done. So being the wonderful husband he is, he gave in to my ever constant pressure of buying paint, and a new shelf because there was no storage for anything.

Well... after a couple of days of trying to paint and get it done, I realized that I should have listened to my husband cause it was alot of work. But in the end I was happy with the final outcome and it makes me happy walking into that little space now :)

Well I didn't take before pictures but here are a few of the final product!!!

And here are the new shelves that we bought, and Jeff put up one night when I was at work. It made me so happy to have something to put all of our stuff on !!!!

And our next project (that was actually really fun) was doing our nursery. Because we don't know the sex of this little one we wanted something that was very gender neutral... although I didn't want to do the typical green or yellow. So we started looking for bedding and my wonderful husband picked out this bedding. At first I wasn't sure, but I went with it because he was excited about it, and once we got it home and put it in the room, I thought it looked super cute!!! We bought the dresser of kijiji for like 30 bucks and then I just bought sample paint pots of the colours that matched the bedding and everything. I thought it turned out super cute (if I do say so myself!!!)

So here are a few pics of the finished project, although it isn't quite finished... when we bring this baby home, I am going to put their name under the clock in all the fun colours as well!!!

As you can notice... there are no pictures in the frames yet... don't worry they will be filled soon... well HOPEFULLY!!!!

So there you have it... the stuff we have been doing the last couple of weeks or so!! We are happy it is all done and now we just really want this little one to come to enjoy it!!! Hopefully in the next couple of days or so... we will be able to update this once again with pictures of our baby!! Thanks for all your support and wish us luck!!!!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wedding "Attendance" Gift

When you go to a wedding it is common to give a gift and it is also common for the bride and groom to give favours. But have you ever been to a wedding where you get something like this.

I would have loved to see what their budget was!!! This is what Megan and myself walked out of a reception with this past weekend. Not very bad at all especially because our gift was some Corningware. I would have been happy with some chocolates but these flower favours are really nice.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

When you have a brand new baby there are certain things that you need to assist in the raising of your child. One of these things are diapers, that I have mentioned before but there is also some more technical stuff that helps out. Technical in the sense that they require some assembly.

One such item is a stroller. I had no idea that a stroller came with so much packaging. Take a look for yourself. I wonder were the stroller industry is rated in green house gas contributors?

The packaging part as daunting as it was, was not the area that I should be scared of. Instead I should have been fearful of the emanate construction that was looming over me. So I spent the afternoon screwing and snapping pieces together. After ready a volume of instructions instead of the typical leaflet and breaking a sweat the masterpiece was finished.

Sorry about the back light I thought it sort of added to the majesty of the final project.

Although there was plenty of packaging and a instruction manual that could have had a compendium. The most important thing is that I got it done and our baby is going to love getting rides in this buggy. I still do have a concern for my child's safety. These extra pieces didn't seem to fit anywhere. Oh well, I am sure it is just fine without that pin.

We are excited to have something to put in that stroller.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Getting There!!!

I cannot believe that it is March already. A lady at the store today asked me when I was due and I said March 30... then I realized I don't really have to say the month anymore. I am having this baby THIS MONTH!!!! I can't believe it, I am super excited and super scared all at the same time. Although I do feel huge and uncomfortable... I hope I don't look like the picture my husband posted in his last blog.. although it is true I feel that way as I am sure any pregnant women does in her last month.

Jeff finally convinced me to take some pictures of my "hugeness" and I know a few of you keep bugging me to see pics (for those that haven't I am really sorry) so here you are. They are dark and I tried to take a few myself so sorry the quality is so bad.

I look like I am in pain in that one... I wasn't.. jeff was just
laughing at me and it was making me laugh so again I

So there... now you all know how I look at 36 weeks pregnant. I can't believe I have 4 weeks left but know that I will survive! I am so grateful for the pregnancy that I have had, compared to others it has been a cake walk. I never got sick, and have been able to work up until now. I would still be working but our jobs were "discontinued" so I have the next couple of weeks to just get ready and relax (people tell me I should sleep as much as I can) I have a wonderful husband who helps so much and takes such good care of me. I feel bad cause he is the one that has to deal with me when I am grumpy, moody, crying, stressed and every other emotion that is out there. He is such an amazing man who is so gentle and patient with me... I wouldn't of been able to get through these last months without him!! I love him so much and can't wait to see him with his son or his daughter.

I probably shouldn't say this.. but I think we are having a boy which makes me happy. I will be happy with whatever... but I always wanted a big brother so hope that my girls can have one! We will see soon enough though. The unknown scares me, and the actual labour scares the you know what out of me, but I just pray that everything will go alright.

Well... here is to hoping I don't have to wait the whole 4 weeks to see this little one. (Well I should say big one, my doctor was thinking it was going to be 10 or 11 pounds *HUGE* but we went for another ultrasound to check things out and the tech there said she couldn't see it being over 8.5 -9 pounds... still pretty big to me. The head is BIG BIG BIG... in the 90 percentile and the rest is in the 70th... so it is a bigger baby but again I am just praying it isn't going to be the 10 or 11 pound baby. Although I think jeff was almost 11 pounds!!!!! Hopefully our baby has its dad height then too....

Well.... we will keep you all up to date with the progress and don't worry... I think we will probably be taking alot more pictures then we do right now once we have this baby... so there will be more to blog about! Love you all... and thanks for all your support!!!