Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Blessing of JR

Two weeks ago we had a huge group of family come and help us bless this adorable little boy. It is crazy for me to think he is going to be 4 months next week. Where does the time go? We sure love JR alot and are so blessed to have him in our family!! He is such a great baby (last night he slept for 10.5 hours) and he is just always smiling and giggling!! He loves his big brother Ben and can't wait to get a little older so he can actually play with him.

It was hard not having my parents here for the day, but they were where they needed to be! We missed them and are counting down the days till we can see them! I know that JR is VERY excited to meet his grandparents and be spoiled by them :) It was wonderful that alot of Jeff's family could be there, and most of my siblings and their families were there!!

Jeff gave a beautiful blessing (thanks Laurel for writing it all down for me) Everyone went up to Jeff's parents house after and we ate some great food, and we had birthday cake for my brothers son Ethan. It was a great day, I was exhausted by the end but it was all worth it!

Thanks so much to everyone who came, it is nice to know we are loved :)

Before Church... I tried hard to get these two to take a nap... finally they fell asleep for about 10 minutes!! At least they are super cute for those 10 minutes :)

We just love this little man, he loves having his fingers in his mouth!!

 BROTHERS!!! I just love them more then I can say! How did we get so lucky with these two.

 Four generations! Great Grandpa Salmon, Grandpa Salmon, Jeff and JR.

The cake I made for Ethan, he loves Mickey (as does Ben) so I decided to try this out!

 Ethan getting ready to blow out his cake. He blew them out about ten times, as all the kids wanted a turn too!!

 It was really a great day, and this little man just had fun being held by all his many admirers :) We LOVE you JR!!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Fun with two!!!

I have to say I love having two boys... I am sure having a girl is different and fun in its own way, but I think I will be happy if I only have boys!! I do sometimes feel outnumbered in my house though and sometime think I need a little more "girl" stuff in my life but I am content with my life as the odd one out :)

I cannot believe that JR is already 3 months and it is killing me that Ben will be two next month. Where does the time go??  They are so fun to watch and I'm glad I get to be home with these two every day!!

This little one just smiles and laughs all the time, he is such a great baby. I remember thinking Ben was a easy baby but JR had even him beat!!


Ben is always wanting to do the same thing that JR is which makes it nice, I cant wait until JR is a little older and will actually play with Ben.

Ben taking his little bro for a car ride!!!

How can you not love this face... I LOVE HIM!!

Daddy teaching the boys new tricks ( not sure if I should be worried for the couches)

Ben giving it a try... this is his new favorite thing, it is great until he lands on his brother!!

 How can you not love your life as a little boy when you have this crazy man for a father!

All three of my boys trying a dog pile without anyone getting hurt!

Who knew that a glass could be so much fun!!

We sure love this little guy!!

Ben thinking he was pretty cool, drinking from his cup with no hands... he is a crazy kid!!

Loving this guys cheeks!!

Ben and I made cupcakes, and I went to get something from upstairs, when I came down I realized I had not moved the stool and this is what I found!!

Which turned into this as he realized I was taking pictures and not cleaning him up!

Ended like this... he is cute even when he is upset!! I finally cleaned him up and he was much happier!

These two love playing together, well I should say Ben loves it for about the first 2 minutes then he wants to do something else, so usually tosses JR aside!

Ben was smiling and laughing so hard in this picture because JR had just let a huge old man fart go, and boys being boys Ben thought it was SO FUNNY!

The two cutest boys in matching PJ's.

I really don't know how I could love this little one any more... he just keeps me laughing all the time!

Ben getting read to jump over his brother :)

I am just so grateful for these two little guys in my life and sometimes think how boring my life would be without them!!