Sunday, 30 August 2009

Our Camera is Sick

Yes it is true. It is just not what it use to be. We are having more tests down next week after taking it in to see the doctors. She was telling us that its recent change of diet in Penticton of excessive heat and sand have not been very good for it. Poor Pentex's cholesterol is through the roof. We are trying to make it as comfortable as possible. We have some good days and bad days. Mostly bad days. We are preparing for the worst. The doctors have mentioned H1N1. I thought such electronic devices were immune to it. Pentex has always steered clear of bacon and ham. It is a 'nonitatrian' after all, it doesn't eat normally.

We have been putting this off and putting it off, all in hopes that it would get better so we could take some pictures and share them with you all. Penny really does a good job on the pictures when its is feeling 100%. We think everyone has found out that Pentex is not its usual self seeing as there have been no pictures that we have taken on the blog lately. We really want this all to go away. It may be time to come to terms with this unfortunate situation. There may be something for us to learn from this experience. I hate to say it but, Penny will be going to a better place.

Little Pentex was able to muster out one shot while we were in Penticton though. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of all that we did on our holiday. It was a lovely time aside from the obvious.

Not it's finest work but we can't expect too much from the little guy. Seeing as it is passing away we have decided, in lieu of all the flowers to create a fund to go towards the future purchase of a camera.

Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Lion King

I am sure you are all familiar with this animated flick. I really liked the movie and actually saw it countless times growing up because it was often the feature presentation of the night while Alita was little. Alita watch The Lion King so many times that the VHS actually broke and would no longer work. It has more recently been replaced with a DVD by my parents so that future generations can enjoy this classic story.

There are many memories that I have from my childhood in relation to this movie. One in particular, that I think Scott might remember, is that oft quoted line by mother "This is the part where he faces his fears." It is one of the classics of the Disney animated movies. And if you have not seen it then I would suggest you need to put in your priority list of things to do.

If you don't have time to devote 90 minutes to watching a great film then might I suggest that you see the broadway version. It is currently in Calgary, so Megan and myself went and saw it the other night and we would have to described it as simply amazing.

Our camera is currently broken and also you are not allowed to take pictures during a live performance so I found this video that gives you some what of a taste.

The show was amazing! The show I refer to is The Lion King not The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Which is actually quite obvious by the fact that The Rosie O'Donnell Show is no longer on the air and The Lion King has been on Broadway for over ten years now.

But comments on The Rosie O'Donnell Show will be left for another post. Or fell free to comment on the show yourself.