Monday, 19 March 2012

Hidden Treasures from my Phone

I noticed the other day that I have slowly amassed a huge collection of photos on my phone.  I thought I should back them up as I am both clumsy and forgetful so it was likely that my phone would get lost or wrecked.

After backing them up on to our computer I thought I would take the time to share a few of them with you.  Some are quite dated.  But still enjoyable.

Such as this one when Ben was still sleeping in a crib.  Yes he is sleeping.  And quite comfortably I am sure.

Here I am flexing my creative muscle.  That small blip is Benjamin approaching the light.  You can make up your own meaning (there are several that come to my mind) as it is art.

It always seems that the funnest toys are not toys at all. 

Most of the pictures from my phone are of the boys but not all.  As you can see here I am at WWE Smackdown.  It was a riot, in more then one sense.  I attended with some buddies for a bachelor party.  Pictured below are two "Divas" fighting in the ring.  I think that this is the closest thing to a worldly Bachelor Party I could come up with.

It really was a blast.  The ambiance and the crowd made it all the better including this guy.  He is the old Asian man in the flat cap right in the middle of the picture.  I found out it was his 92nd birthday.  His granddaughter, on his left, took him as a present.  I guess he has been a fan for decades.

I have been a huge fan of these two for their whole lives, and then some.

Ben is a fan of ice cream.

J.R. is a fan of drooling.

This I think is the most humorous photo from my phone.  You may have to click it to read.  But these guidelines I found in an office building bathroom.  I am particularly fond of rule number 3.

 That does make me smile but these little rascals always make me smile.