Thursday, 15 December 2011


Even when I am having a "TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY" these two boys just make me smile and remember the things that I am really grateful for!

Today I am grateful for these two!!

Can't believe this little one is almost 6 weeks already!!

And this little guy just has me laughing all the time!!

He is such a good big brother... always wanting to help!! J.R kept falling over so Ben decided to just hang on to him :)

J.R thought it was pretty funny though to be sat up then fall down!

Giving mom some big smiles!! Man I just can't get enough of him!!!

I always wonder what is going on in Benjamin's head. He just always looks so mischievous to me!!

My two boys just chillin... notice J.R is in a different outfit... he had the biggest blowout I have ever experienced. Oh the joys of motherhood. I actually had to change MY clothes as well :)

Again, Ben wanting J.R to look his way so grabbed his hand to pull him over!

Thinking that J.R's head was very cold so covered it up!!