Friday, 12 August 2011

Home Improvement

We are currently renting a three bedroom apartment.  It is great for our needs but one day we hope to buy a house.  Maybe after we win the lottery or after a workplace accident lawsuit is won or even as a retirement present.  But in the interim while we save our pennies we want to have a nice place to call home and this little apartment needed a face lift.

The house was in shambles for quite a time while we gave our house this aforementioned make over.  Wait, who am I kidding, the house is always in shambles until this guy goes to sleep.

And once he finally is in bed you just want to sit down instead of cleaning up.  It is sometimes hard to find a spot to sit with, books and crayons and toys and paper and sippy cups and every other item that his little fingers can get a hold of.  The thing is nothing is viewed as an obstacle for Ben.  Simply a opportunity for adventure and discovery.  Nothing, that is except his new bed.

We will start the tour upstairs in Ben and future baby's room. You can see that Ben has graduated to a big boy bed. And that bed is the only thing that can stop him. He has not been able to figure out that he can get off of it. Which is great blessing because he doesn't leave the bed while trying to go to sleep. And stays in it after he walks up.

Our bedroom has changed a lot with a fun splash of color. And some secret notes that Megan wrote to myself and Ben. The room is so much brighter and you can't help but wake happy. You might also notice a new bed with all of it's King Bed luxury. Now my habit of sleeping in a 'C' doesn't hinder Megan's sleep. Cookie Monster could use me in his next single.

Some of the secret note.

Covering the secret note.

The finished project

Finally we will finish the tour by going down stairs.  The family room now has a warm cozy character to it.  Instead of the obligatory bland white in a rental.  The deep red and the warm brown would make anyone want to hang out here.  And then my personal favorite is the picture mural.

The character is starting to come through. Only another bazillion coats.

I love it so much because I get to see a bunch of people that I love. If any readers of the blog would like to be on the coveted wall then send your picture with attached reasons you should be added. They better be good!

We do accept bribes as well.