Friday, 24 July 2009

Megan is the BESTEST!

I love Megan so much but I think that she loves me more because she does awesome things for me like making pancakes that say "I HEART U" I mean just take a look.

That is right. A few weeks ago I woke up to this and a beautiful wonderful wife that I love so much. Thanks for being the best Megan!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A new addition to the family....

That is right there may be a new salmon running around our house in no time. But it is not what you think. Megan has recently come up with the idea of getting a hedgehog. The reason for that is because I often work nights and she is lonely and wants some thing to play with. A cute little hedgehog is her choice for a friend to entertain her on those lonely nights.

She calls them cute and I do agree that they are quite adorable little creatures. Just take a look at this picture here.

There are plenty of hedgehogs in Britain and I saw them everywhere. There was on that we saw almost nightly and had the chance to feed our old and stale bread.

Over in England there are people called Gypsies. Anyone that knows something about Europe is aware of the said people. They are different folk, to put it nicely. We won't get into all the ways that they are different but one way in particular is that they eat hedgehogs. They even approach them when they were trying to make hedgehog flavored crisps (chips).

I don't blame them for eat them. They are super easy to catch and can grow to be as big as a watermelon. Albeit most of that girth is spines they still would provide enough meat for a family. I never had the opportunity to eat one on my mission even though I tried. So to me I view a hedgehog as more of food source and less of a pet. It would be like having a pet cow. I would want to eat it one day but I would have taken it for walks and played catch with it. It would have a name like Betsy of something as well. I would become attached and then not enjoy a perfectly good steak. I am sure that is why there are not many pet dogs in China.

If we got a hedgehog then there would be some confusion in my mind over something you love and something you love to eat. Pets and livestock shouldn't be mixed in my opinion.

So I wanted to try and present the hedgehog as a more menacing creature and less of a cute pet. I think that this picture portrays exactly that.

I think that the Gypsies are on to something. That animal looks more like food now then ever before. Eat or be eaten!