Friday, 1 August 2014

Story Time with Benjamin

Recently Ben has been drawing and colouring pictures that are paired with epic tales.  His imagination is amazing and I love to hear his stories.  Today he wanted me to write his story down and was upset when I was pulled away from the computer to change a diaper, make lunch, help JR with potty training, stopping Spencer from drawing on the walls or one of the thousand other distractions that were going on at the same time.

Ben persevered and continued to tell/explain the story to me.  He hasn't won the Pulitzer yet and some further instructions on grammar or beginning middle end may be required.  However, maybe I spoke to soon and Ben was weaving a tale possibly rivaling Tolstoy with the amount of characters he was telling me about. No matter though as there are more stories yet to be told.  I should have written these stories out a long time ago.  So today for your reading pleasure her is "The Witch gets the Treasure First"  Hopefully, there will be more to come.  If you are short on time and just want to see some pictures, after all this is a blog, then scroll to the bottom and skip the story.  For those of you that care (I am thinking Grandparents) then grab a piece of carpet and sit cross legged on the floor because it is story time.

The Sea Monster and the Sea Otter are married and together they have a baby named Spencer.  They live in the ocean together and like to swim fast.  But they can’t swim fast because Spencer is not big enough.  So Spencer lives in a submarine so he can go fast.  But the submarine was broken so the Sea Monster and the Sea Otter needed to get some money to fix the submarine.   The best way to get some money to fix the submarine was finding the magic boot.  The magic boot would turn the person who put it on into a diamond.  The magic boot was located in a treasure booth that is marked with an “X” on the treasure map.  The Sea Family needed to get the magic boot before the Jungle Witch cast spell on the magic boot.  The Jungle Witch would cast the spell by putting the magic boot into a green potion causing everyone to turn into a frog.  The Sea Family started following the map while the Jungle Witch was also looking for the magic boot.  The Jungle Witch caught whale sharks so she could ride them to the magic boot.  The Jungle Witch put leashes made of long pieces of string on the whale sharks to control them.  The whale sharks were too slow for the Jungle Witch, so she decided that the pirate ship would be better than the whale sharks.  So the Jungle Witch ask the pirates very nicely to use their ship.  The pirates say “Aye aye, Jungle Witch.”  And they all went to the treasure booth.  Before they arrive at the treasure booth the group stop at the Jungle Witch’s house to have some lunch.  The Jungle Witch then stole the pirate’s ship and got the magic boot.  Once the Jungle Witch had the magic boot she put it on and turned into a diamond.  The pirates laughed and then give the Witch Diamond to the Queen.  The Queen is actually Mommy and she is nice so she gives pieces of the Witch Diamond to all of the children, but only if they are very polite.  And Spencer is super-duper polite so he gets some of the Witch Diamond.  And the sea family was able to fix the submarine.  So we all have to be polite.

Maybe he is the next Tolstoy.

Now some pictures for those short on time or anyone else.  We set up a poll in the backyard and used it lots until there was more algae then water.  Spencer recently got his own bed and loves it even when he falls out and stays asleep.  There is no end to the uses of a tortilla.