Thursday, 11 April 2013

What we have been up to!!!

Again we have not been very good at blogging... so here we go again pictures of what we have been up too lately! For those who saw these pictures on facebook... sorry for the repeat!


Just chillin in the laundry basket!

Spencer having a little snooze!

Stretchin and starting to roll.

You can find JR a good majority of the day with boots and a hat on... he LOVES it, I cannot keep them put away and when I try to get him out of them he freaks out! So he spends lots of the day roaming around the house looking like this :) We LOVE him!!!

Ben loved that they had a cart his size.. he thought he was in heaven!

Spencer is just growing up so fast!!! He always brightens our days!

JR has decided that sometimes he like to take a blanket and his soother and get in Spencers swing! It makes me laugh and I know he is too big for it but sometimes he rocks himself to sleep so I can't complain :)

The boys and I spent some time in Penticton at my parents... the boys loved it and we spent alot of time at the park since the weather was so beautiful!

Eating icecream cones on the front step... what could be better!

The Easter Bunny paid a visit!!

JR fell asleep like this in the aisle at church! He had been grumpy so I didn't want to wake him so I just left him there... people had to maneuver around him! He slept there for about an hour and a half till I had to wake him up to go home!! 

Enjoying the sunshine at the park yet again!

After a bath I ran upstairs to get clean clothes, came down and couldn't find my kids!!! Then I found them outside yet again. SO I just let them play... cause we are classy like that!

Grandpa Baker swinging Ben and Walker!!!!

Ben is now 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Daily routine... running laps and laps around the kitchen, this day we were super heroes with our capes on! One of these days I will sew some cute superhero outfits for the boys!

Can't believe this little one turned 3... where did the time go! 

More fun at the park!!!

Spencer and Grandma Baker... we sure had fun with Grandma!!! We love you and miss you!

And for those of you that have made it to the end of these pictures I saved the best for last! Jeff has been in training for the Edmonton City Police for awhile now and he had his badge ceremony last week. I had taken a bunch of pictures and videos on our camera but something happened and the card got wiped out so these are a few I took on my phone so not great quality! Jeff worked so hard and he did amazing! We are so grateful for a husband and dad who works so hard to support us! He is now out on the streets of Edmonton!!! Congrats!!!

Me and my FAVORITE Police Officer!!!