Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Benjamin loves his bath time (most of the time). This morning I gave him a bath and he was so funny. He has started to laugh and the whole time I had him in the tub he was giggling. It really made my day. Here are a few pictures from today, and also some from when I was out at my parents in BC and he got to bath in the kitchen sink :)

Here he is in grandma and grandpas kitchen sink... he wasn't quite sure about it at first!

But he soon came to the conclusion that he LOVED it. We couldn't stop smiling when we saw this face... I know I am biased but he is so dang CUTE!!!

He even loves being wrapped up is his warm towel to dry off!!

We just love this little guy so much!! He is such a blessing in our lives :) OH.... also wondering if anyone has any tricks to stop him from sucking his fist, thumb, fingers. No matter what I do, he is constantly eating his hand!!! Any advice would be great!! Thanks.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Video of Ben

We have tried to load videos before, and had no luck with it. So I have now tried a new route. Does it work? Drum Roll.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Best Wife?

The answer to that question is yes. Megan really is the best! I know that I frustrate her and I am turning her hair grey but I love her so much.

The quality of the pictures should not be considered a metaphor for my feelings for her. She took the camera with her on her trip. Lets face it Ben is way more photogenic then I am. And everyone that reads this blog would much rather see a picture of him then I.

I guess that is what we need to improve on. Pictures of Ben loaded up her for all our friends and family to see.

That is not the purpose of this blog. I wanted to talk about Megan. As I said earlier she is away on a little trip. But of course being the amazing person that she is she has gone and left a present for each day that she is away.

Once I came inside from helping to get them on there way I was greeted this delightful sight on the stairs. A present nicely wrapped for each day of the week. Notice the excellent display of tissue paper. It is evenly crumpled and billows out of each bag. Megan in fact holds weekend seminars at SAIT for present wrapping. Mom has been wanted to attend because we all know that she lack the skill of tissue paper stuffing. I am not sure if that is the offical title you would need to ask Megan.

Here is a closer look.

As wonderful as it is to get jumping frogs, hard plastic parachute men, cadbury chocolates, mens accessories, or even a comic themed puzzle. The best part about the presents was a card written from her or Benjamin each day.

Thank you babe. I love you so much!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Red Beard

When I mention Red Beard I am not talking about the 1965 Japanese doctor movie. Nor am I talking about the Belgian Comics, directly. And defiantly not the tactical nuclear weapon from the British 1960's Royal Air Force.

I speak of Hayreddin Barbarossa or Red Beard the Pirate. Or better put the Privateer. He ruled the Mediterranean for decades and became an Ottoman Admiral.

The reason I speak of such a man is because I think that he has been reborn as my son.

Benjamin rules our house. Admiral sounds like admire and we do that a lot. Ben has red hair like the Privateer. And he likes to have one eye closed and say "arr" which we all know are dead give aways for piratehood.

But you be the judge.