Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Only 35 Days Left!

It is crazy how fast the time has gone by. Were are super excited to have our little baby come into the world. And it is only about a month away!

I feel bad for Megan because she is feeling like every other pregnant women. Tired and uncomfortable. And really looking forward to once the baby comes because she feels like this.

The lady on the right that is. But that is not at all how she looks. She is super cute and I love her so much. She looks more like this.

This is not a picture of her because I am sure she would kill me if I put a picture of her because remember she thinks she looks like the lady on the right.

She is not and I just want to tell her that I love her.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Are We Idiots?

Last night was an exciting event. I bet it will be the only time that such an event will be exciting for us. We will be doing this same task again and again but I feel that the novelty will quickly wear off.

What is this magical event that got Megan and myself so excited. Well it was buying diapers of course.

Do we not understand what these things are for? Are we unaware of what smells come paired with the use of such a product? Do we not get the level of commitment required to use these? Are our synapses miss firing causing us to overlook the cost of these products? Can we for see what liquids and solids* we will have to deal with while we use these? Is our view that short sighted to grasp the sheer amount of these that will be use? Have we forgotten that other products like wipes and creams need to be purchased as well? Don't we realize what diaper rash is? Do we have any comprehension of leakage or explosions? Do we know if those are the offical terms?

Are we idiots?

Well the answer to most of those questions is No, our first hand experience is limited. Yes we are naive but more importantly we are just excited to have something to put inside a diaper.

Slowly we have been purchasing things for our baby as the months draw to a close (not soon enough for Megan) so we don't have a huge bill at the end of forty week of anticipation. But for some reason buying diapers was different. Can't wait for out BABY!

*I use the term 'solids' loosely