Wednesday, 21 September 2011


So.... I am in the middle of a busy day, you know the usual.... laundry, trying to clean my house (which is IMPOSSIBLE with a 18 month old making disasters right behind me), I'm trying to get some bread made and hopefully will get in a nap before I head to work tonight for a 12 hour night shift! Although I have a cold and not feeling the best I am grateful that I am well enough to get the things done that need to get done! But I don't have a ton of time to write a big blog so decided to just put a ton of pictures up over the last couple of months for your enjoyment ( especially for my parents who are serving a mission over in Nigeria) ENJOY!!!

Dad and Ben exhausted from a long day of..... playing!!

Cruisin in his stroller!!

His new thing, when he doesn't get his way, he decided to go into one of his tantrums!! I try so hard not to laugh because he really is just too cute to look at, even when he is acting like a bipolar, crazy from another planet!!

The next pictures of our adventures rock climbing :) Ben loved it!! Although mom was not on top of the mountain (I figured being pregnant maybe wasn't the best time to climb a huge rock) Ben loved it and mom was waiting nervously at the bottom!!

We also got to spend some time at a few lakes in the area this summer... Ben loved it! Mom missed the BC summers and beaches but survived with what we have here in Alberta :)

Here are a few of ben just doing what he does!!

Sometimes he doesn't love his oatmeal so much!!!

What we do when we just can't take it anymore!!! JK everyone, noone panic... he thought it was funny and kept getting us to put it on his mouth!!

His new summer outfit.... how do you like it Grandpa Baker??? HA HA HA

Just working hard at the computer... waiting for Grandma and Grandpa Baker to Skype!!

After a long day of partying!!

Just cruisn around thinking he is all that!!! He is SO funny!!

Dad and Ben chilling on a huge lawn chair!!

Not liking the long grass much, and especially being left there so mom could get a picture of him in it!! What a mean mom!!!!