Monday, 8 September 2014

Garden Party: Lettuce Turnip The Beet

A. A. Milne once said that weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.  And we are certainly good at growing those, however this year we thought we should try our hand at something different.  The prophets have always advise us to plant a garden and this year we finally did as we actually had a yard in which to do so.  So last spring we asked the boys what they wanted to plant and the conversation when a little like this.

Me: What should we plant in our garden?
Ben: WATERMELON! (Watermelon)
Me: It is not warm enough for watermelon and we should choose something else.
Ben: WATERMELON! (Watermelon)
Me: How about some carrots and peas or maybe beans.  Maybe we can try cucumbers? You really like those, don't you?
Ben: WATERMELON! (Watermelon)
Me: Okay we will try watermelon but I don't think they will grow.  You can help with the potatoes and radishes though.
Ben: WATERMELON! (Watermelon)

The parenthesis were said by JR who just repeats everything that Ben says

Well after that the die was cast and we were going to plant a watermelon.  So that is just what we did and to our surprise the plants actually started to grow.  And then even more shocking to use the plants started to flower.  And then the most unprecedented move yet pollination, fertilization and the various ova began to swell into small fruits, and CONTINUED TO GROW.

We all watched very excitingly as the fruit further matured and grew bigger then it had every been before, which I guess that goes without saying, but regardless they grew and grew.  Until one fateful day when.....

This happened! It is September 8th.  Unbelievable!  Well not that unbelievable as we do live north of the 53 parallel.

The watermelon plants are approximately 53 ° 32 ' 20 " N.  But the location can more precisely be represented in decimal, 53.538992.  And that is far north

So I quickly harvested a dozen watermelons as snow doesn't mix well with fruit.  Unless of course I was worshiping Dionysus and planned on making ice wine.

After a few months of caring for our garden we got to experience a real life application of The Ant and The Grasshopper as we did enjoy the fruits of our labours in the snow.  Watermelons in the Snow.  Sounds like a alternative punk band or a slightly racy young adult fiction book.  At any rate that was our experience today and the boys enjoyed the fruit.

At least two thirds did.  Ben was not crazy about the seeds.  Maybe we will do seedless next year.

Or maybe he is the figurative Grasshopper in this story...


  1. Congradulation I am glad you were able to get something out of those wonderful plants. Looks like JR liked them. What did they last like? I was out picking green tomatoes too in a lot more snow. Guess what we are having for supper Fried Green Tomato

  2. I love how I can always tell who (Jeff or Megan) wrote the post...super cute you all! We sure miss you.